Frugal – Year 2 of free fun – month 2

Scene from art trail

This month’s fun activities were:

  • travelled to Liverpool for work (tickets paid by work)
  • borrowed books from the local library
  • visited a friend at her house twice
  • went to a picnic at the local park with my knitting group
  • volunteered twice at a local stately home
  • studied Esperanto with Duolingo
  • continued writing morning pages
  • visited my parents for a weekend
  • ran Race for Life (entry fee paid in advance – £15.00)
  • watched free TV online (Dollhouse, Humans)
  • worked on an ongoing cross-stitch project
  • had lunch with my boss (she paid)
  • went running in the local park
  • used Happify for stress relief
  • went to three language meetups (£1.50*3)
  • had lunch with a colleague (she paid)
  • went to Birmingham library (£5.30)
  • followed art trail
  • saw two exhibitions at IKON gallery
  • went to a volunteering selection evening and interview
  • Race for Life entry – £15.00
  • Drink at meetups – £4.50
  • Train ticket to Birmingham – £5.30

Total £24.80


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