July 2015 declutter total

Given away

  • 3 pieces of fabric
  • 1 bias cutter
  • 3 tops
  • 1 bag of soap nuts
  • 5 books
  • 1 cross-stitch pattern

Recycled/used up/thrown away

  • 1 set of drawers (slightly broken)
  • 1 moisturiser I received for Christmas
  • 1 moisturiser from a few years ago
  • 1 olive oil moisturiser from several years ago
  • 1 faulty Nono!

Total 19 items

Coming to the end of the month and looking at this total, I felt like, it’s not great but it’s not nothing. Sometimes I have a slow month and it’s good to know at those times that decluttering is still on my mind and that I’ve taken the opportunity to get rid of a few things. What can also happen during these slow months is that I’m “marinating” certain items which I don’t immediately feel I can get rid of. After they get put on the mental watch list, it quite often happens that after months of prevaricating, I wake up one morning feeling like, this item is completely useless to me and can definitely go.


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