Project 333 – 2nd quarter – Sept-Nov 2015


Project333 2 dresses

My first Project 333 went well, so I’m doing another three months of it.

Here is my list of clothes. I’ve marked them as either mainly for work (W), home (H) or both (B).


  1. Black suede dress (W)
  2. Red/white/black dress (W)
  3. Black casual dress (H)


  1. Jeans (H)
  2. Grey trousers (W)
  3. Silver stripe trousers (B)
  4. Black cords (B)

Project 333 2 skirts


  1. Grey skirt (W)
  2. Black skirt (W)
  3. White and black flower skirt (B)
  4. Green skirt (W)

Project 333 2 tops pt 1


Project 333 2 tops pt 2 – I was wearing the purple top


  1. Black vest (B)
  2. Black short-sleeve shirt (B)
  3. Red flower top (B)
  4. Red/green top (B)
  5. Black and pink top (B)
  6. Pink long-sleeve top (B)
  7. Purple long-sleeve top (B)
  8. Black long-sleeve top (B)
  9. Black t-shirt (B)
  10. Black glitter top (H)

Project 333 2 jumpers


  1. Black chenille jumper (H)
  2. Black cardigan (B)
  3. Red cardigan (B)
  4. Purple cardigan (B)
  5. Black heavy cardigan (H)
  6. Black thick jumper (H)
  7. Pink jumper (H)


  1. Coat (B) – currently summer, will switch to winter as necessary
  2. Black shoes (B)
  3. Black strap shoes (B)
  4. Red shoes (B)
  5. Black pashmina (B)

I’ve decided for winter I’m not going to count hats, scarves and gloves, as I own a few and switch them up quite often. They are essential as I suffer from the cold and invariably get chillblains and colds even with them.


2 thoughts on “Project 333 – 2nd quarter – Sept-Nov 2015

  1. I always like seeing how people integrate colour into their P333 collections and this is a great collection. I’m just starting out on the P333 journey – enjoyed week one and looking forward to the first season. I think, like you, I might not include scarves, gloves etc but not quite got up to the 33 items yet so there might still be room for me to include them. We’ll see! Look forward to hearing how this season goes for you.

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