Frugal – Year 2 of free fun – month 5

This month’s fun activities were:

  • volunteered three times at a local stately home
  • had lunch with friends – £8.15
  • visited a friend at her house three times
  • visited another friend at her house once
  • had lunch with a friend at work three times (free, brought lunch from home)
  • had dinner with friends visiting from Europe – £7.99
  • had lunch with my boss (paid for by work)
  • started a new knitting project (pattern and some wool from my mum, 2 new wool for £1.80 bought last month with a voucher)
  • watched old films and TV on YouTube (Burn Notice)
  • attended a free public reading at a local library
  • borrowed books from the local library (train ticket paid for by work)
  • went to knitting group (£1.50 drink)
  • travelled to Brussels for work
  • had a day out in Cardiff (free travel as I was volunteering to supervise a coach) – £3.69
  • went to the cinema – £7.70
  • went to a language meetup
  • visited my family (£16.20 train ticket)
  • went to my sister’s Halloween party
  • continued writing morning pages
  • did 30 day shred (videos on YouTube and copy provided by my friend)
  • did yoga (Tara Stiles video on YouTube)

Total £45.23


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