Frugal spend – w/e 22/11/15

Out of this week’s budget of £17.56 (£2.44 overspent last week), I have spent:

  • £1.50 – drink at language meet-up
  • £2.00 – toiletries
  • £1.00 – chocolate

Total £4.50, £13.06 into savings.

I used Amazon points from to buy a new daylight bulb for my reading lamp at home. The lamp was secondhand from my grandparents and I’ve used the original bulb for around three years but it has now given out.

From the £150 I received for switching my bank account, I have spent £59 on a year’s subscription to Amazon Prime. This was a bit of a splurge, and I’m not sure yet how useful it will be, so I will definitely be reviewing carefully and not automatically renewing. So far, on the Amazon order I placed, I didn’t need next-day delivery so received £1 against various digital items instead.

My holiday spend from 19-22 November is detailed in a separate post.

Food shopping

  • Nothing this week

Running total for November – monthly budget £150, £88.88 spent, £61.93 remaining.

Counselling savings- £78.25/£435 (to cover initial consultation and ten sessions) – 18%


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