Project 333 – 3rd quarter – Dec 2015 to Feb 2016


Project333 2 dresses

Purple dress and black short-sleeved jacket

Project333 2 dresses

After my second Project333, I’m carrying on for a third term. I’m swapping in a few items but a lot will remain the same from the last two quarters. I do feel like I’m getting a bit of wardrobe fatigue from my existing clothes, so over the next few months I’ll be looking out for some more tops which are suitable for work and home. I’m too lazy to update all the photos from last time, since I’m only changing two items, so have just included one photo with the two swapped-in items.

Here is my list of clothes. I’ve marked them as either mainly for work (W), home (H) or both (B).


  1. Black suede dress (W)
  2. Purple dress (B) (swapping out Red/white/black dress (W))
  3. Black casual dress (H)


  1. Jeans (H)
  2. Grey trousers (W)
  3. Silver stripe trousers (B)
  4. Black cords (B)

Project 333 2 skirts


  1. Grey skirt (W)
  2. Black skirt (W)
  3. White and black flower skirt (B)
  4. Green skirt (W)

Project 333 2 tops pt 1


Project 333 2 tops pt 2 – I was wearing the purple top


  1. Black short-sleeve jacket (swapping out Black vest (B))
  2. Black short-sleeve shirt (B)
  3. Red flower top (B)
  4. Red/green top (B)
  5. Black and pink top (B)
  6. Pink long-sleeve top (B)
  7. Purple long-sleeve top (B)
  8. Black long-sleeve top (B)
  9. Black t-shirt (B)
  10. Black glitter top (H)

Project 333 2 jumpers


  1. Black chenille jumper (H)
  2. Black cardigan (B)
  3. Red cardigan (B)
  4. Purple cardigan (B)
  5. Black heavy cardigan (H)
  6. Black thick jumper (H)
  7. Pink jumper (H)


  1. Coat (B) – I have two coats which I switch between depending on the temperature outside. As the switch is based on the weather and not other factors, I’ll count them as one item.
  2. Black shoes (B)
  3. Black strap shoes (B)
  4. Red shoes (B)
  5. Black pashmina (B)

As for the second quarter, I’m not counting scarves, hats and gloves.


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