Frugal – Year 2 of free fun – month 9

This month’s fun activities were:

  • met up with friends at a friend’s house
  • had coffee with friends on a lunch break (£4.90)
  • watched TV on Amazon Prime (Parks and Recreation, Mr Robot)
  • helped a colleague to finish her knitting project
  • went to knitting group (£5.20)
  • had four free lunches through work
  • had two free dinners through work
  • met European colleagues through work
  • went to a Japanese drum performance (£26.50 ticket + £6.50 train + £6 meal + £1.20 water = £40.20)
  • went for lunch with my husband (£60 paid with vouchers, £3.00 tip)
  • watched a film on Google Play (O2 priority app)
  • went to Manchester through work
  • met an ex-colleague for a cup of tea (£3.95)
  • went to London through work
  • visited family
  • went to my sister’s hen party (£35)
  • borrowed books from the local library
  • went to a language meetup
  • continued writing morning pages

Total £92.25


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