Frugal – Year 2 of free fun – Month 11


This month’s fun activities were:

  • Went to Birmingham twice – £21.00
  • Travelled to Prague for work and met up with European colleagues
  • Had three free lunches and two free dinners
  • Watched TV via YouTube (The Gummi Bears)
  • Read >10 library books
  • Went to Istanbul on holiday (spend in separate blog post) – £315.86
  • Spent an afternoon in Amsterdam
  • Met a colleague for lunch twice (free, took lunch with me)
  • Went running in the park (once with a friend)
  • Downloaded music through Amazon Prime
  • Went to London for a training workshop
  • Visited a friend at her house
  • Went to a get-together with friends
  • Had takeaway with my husband – £25.99
  • Went to a language meetup – £3.50
  • Went for dinner with my parents
  • Went shopping with my mum

Total – £366.35


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