Simplify – can you go without make-up?


In my teenage years, I wore a lot of make-up, thinking it would make me look older, prettier, cooler, more like people in magazines. As I’ve grown older, and realised that the miracles promised by each product have never materialised, I’ve cut back a lot on make-up and now only wear it for special occasions. I don’t wear it routinely to leave the house.

Yesterday, through the Dressing your Truth blog, I was emailed a make-up tutorial. The presenter said she was going for a natural, light summer look. In order to achieve this, she used foundation, concealer, eye shadow, eyeliner, mascara, blusher, lip liner and lipstick.

To me, it’s incomprehensible that you would buy and use eight different products to have the end result of not looking like you’re wearing any make-up. I find that there are several advantages to not wearing make-up every day.

  1. Self-confidence: you get used to the way you look, and are comfortable with it. You don’t feel afraid to leave the house without make-up, or like you couldn’t let your partner see you without make-up.
  2. Honesty: following on from this, as the people around you already know what you look like, you don’t have to worry about a big reveal when you finally don’t wear make-up, and whether they’ll be disappointed.
  3. Dress-up effect: when people are used to seeing you without make-up, when you do wear any, they notice you’ve made an effort and say you look nice. When people are used to seeing you with make-up, they’re more likely to say that you like tired when they see you without. 
  4. Equality: no one expects men to wear make-up, or finds it difficult to work with them because their skin is shiny or they’re not wearing mascara. If a woman goes to work without make-up, she can still get the job done.
  5. Invisible effort: putting on make-up to look natural is a bit like dusting. No one notices if you do it, so is it worth it?  I’m not advocating that you relax all hygiene standards in your house, but I don’t dust my house every day!
  6. Time: you save a certain amount of time every day if you don’t have to apply make-up as part of your routine.
  7. Money: obviously you’ll use and buy less make-up as a result.

Lots of people tell me they feel more polished and attractive when they wear make-up, and if it’s something you enjoy doing, by all means carry on. But if you find it a chore, or you find it difficult to be seen by other people without make-up on, then why not take a break and see how you feel without?


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