Project 333 – Year 2 1st quarter – June to August 2016

I completed a full year of Project 333, and didn’t even have to think about continuing. It’s made my life so much easier, even though I didn’t have loads of clothes before. I like being able to see everything I can wear in one go, and to have everything in the wardrobe instead of spread over a couple of drawers as well. I spend less time choosing what to wear, and I also know that almost everything goes with everything else. It’s really simple to pack for travelling as well.

Here is my list of clothes. I’ve marked them as either mainly for work (W), home (H) or both (B).


  1. Black suede dress (W)
  2. Purple dress (B)
  3. Red/white/black dress (W)
  4. Black casual dress (H)
  5. Pink summer dress (H)
  6. Black floral dress (W)


  1. Grey check trousers (W)
  2. Silver stripe trousers (B)
  3. Black cords (B)



  1. Grey skirt (W)
  2. Black skirt (W)
  3. White and black flower skirt (B)
  4. black and red flower skirt


  1. Black vest (B)
  2. Black short-sleeve shirt (B)
  3. Red flower top (B)
  4. Red/green top (B)
  5. Black and pink top (B)
  6. Pink long-sleeve top (B)
  7. Purple long-sleeve top (B)
  8. Black long-sleeve top (B)
  9. Black t-shirt (B)
  10. Black glitter top (H)
  11. Black slash neck top (B – not pictured)


  1. Black cardigan (B)
  2. Red cardigan (B)
  3. Purple cardigan (B)
  4. Black heavy cardigan (H)


  1. Coat (B)
  2. Black shoes (B)
  3. Black sandals (B)
  4. Red shoes (B)
  5. Purple/green scarf (B)

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