Frugal – Year 3 of free fun – Month 3


This month’s fun activities were:

  • Visited my parents for a week (£16.30 train ticket)
  • Exchanged my library books in Birmingham (included in above)
  • Visited my grandparents (on both sides)
  • Went for a drink with my sister and her kids (£7.56)
  • Visited an old friend at her house
  • Went for dinner with my parents and one sister (my parents paid)
  • Went for lunch with my dad and nephew (my dad paid)
  • Went to a spa with my mum (LivingSocial deal – she paid)
  • Read eight library books
  • Went to a barbecue at my sister’s house
  • Played with my parents’ new kitten
  • Went for lunch with my parents and my husband (my parents paid)
  • Went for coffee and cake with my parents and my husband (my husband paid)
  • Walked around a marina and looked at canal boats for sale
  • Had a takeaway (£37.95 – food budget)
  • Played a free online game (Elvenar)
  • Studied languages online with Duolingo
  • Went for dinner with my Japanese group and my husband (£30)
  • Went back to Birmingham to exchange my library books again (£3.90 metro ticket)
  • Had lunch with a friend at work (once for two different friends, free, took my own lunch)
  • Visited a friend at her house
  • Watched TV via Amazon Prime (paid for last year – Arrow, Parks and Rec)
  • Exercised using workouts on YouTube (£12 dumbbells)
  • Walked in the local park
  • Studied copy writing with CopyHour (course included with purchase of Location Rebel course)

Total – £107.71

I was lucky to get treated to lots of activities around my birthday at the beginning of the month. Towards the end, a couple of meals piled on over 50% of the month’s expenses.

I also bought a replacement phone and laptop as the old ones were broken / not fit for purpose anymore. I’m not sure whether or not I should include them here, but they cost £545 altogether.


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